In an increasingly complex world, investors need a flexible approach to managing their investments. At Legg Mason, our investment specialists are pioneers in unconstrained fixed income investing. Whether your focus is on Growth, Income or Risk Management (or all three), Legg Mason provides the choice you need for your clients' portfolio solutions.

Legg Mason Brandywine
Global Income Optimiser Fund

A truly global strategic bond fund which seeks attractive income opportunities whilst aiming to preserve investors' capital. Flexible approach – the fund selects attractive investment opportunities and dynamically moves across the fixed income spectrum.

Legg Mason Western Asset
Macro Opportunities Bond Fund

A fixed income fund for all environments that seeks to maximise returns regardless of market conditions, relative to a risk budget.

Alternative Income Strategy

A unique multi-manager approach to fixed income which seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and income with low volatility through highly diversified
sources of risk.

Unconstrained Fixed Income: Three Perspectives on Fixed Income Investing

All of Legg Mason's affiliates take an independent view of the markets and investment processes; see how our three fixed income managers implement their unique culture and perspectives.

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Unconstrained fixed income: Long/Short -
Amplify or Mute

Long/short strategies allow managers to take advantage of both positive and negative views on bond markets and currencies and to profit from both up and down markets.

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It should be noted that the value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up. Investment involves risks, including the possible loss of the amount invested.